General Info

The Senior Center is located at 85 Pike Street. Click here for directions. The Senior Center is open weekdays from 8am to 4pm and on weekends from 8am to 1pm. 

The Food Bank is located at 1531 Western Ave. It is open Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm.

Meals & Nutrition

PMSC serves two free meals to adults age 55 and up every day of the week.

Breakfast:   Served daily @ 8:20am
Lunch:         Served daily @ 12pm

Michael Montgomery, Nutrition Programs Manager
phone - 206 728 2773 x 7
email -
directions - click here

Social Services and Resident Advocacy

Two social workers are available to help clients find shelter and housing, access medical care, and assistance with entitlement programs like social security, food stamps. Residents of the housing within Pike Place Market are served by the Resident Advocate to ensure they receive the support necessary for them to remain independent and healthy.

Sandra Dunn, Outreach Social Services/Resident Advocate
phone - 206 728 2773 x 5
email -

Mark Lally, Social Services (Servicios disponibles en español)
phone - 206 728 2773 x 4
email -


PMSC offers fitness, art classes, trips and other activities to promote health and social engagement for older adults at risk of social isolation. A full schedule of classes and activities is available in the monthly newsletter, Parsley, Sage and Time.

Zoë Freeman, Wellness-Engagement Coordinator
phone - 206 728 2773 x 8
email -

Employment Program

The Employment Program helps PMSC members find both permanent and temporary full-time and part-time jobs.  It also assists with applications, interviewing techniques, and helps to conquer other barriers to employment. If you are interested in hiring a senior, contact program coordinator Jennifer Truelove.

Jennifer Truelove, Employment Program Coordinator
phone - 206 728 2773 x 6
email -